Jen Adair, MA, LMHC

Mental Health Therapist



Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays

Have you ever had a different sense of where you’re meant to be? Are you ready to make changes in your life but are unsure of how or where to start? If you're experiencing relationship issues, unresolved issues from your past that are holding you back, have feelings of being overwhelmed, or are having difficulty coping with life’s difficulties, I want to help you. I am an experienced therapist working with clients from older adolescents to adults on issues including relationship dynamics, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and stress management.

How therapy with me works

I strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for all of my clients. I believe in the power of rapport and pride myself on my ability to build positive working relationships with my clients. I work with clients of diverse backgrounds and consider myself an ambassador of compassion to any who seek help. I am experienced working through relationship issues, with those who are struggling to cope with life’s stresses, as well as people who are feeling stuck and need help breaking through barriers to meet their goals.

Are you looking for a therapist who speaks your language? Who will work to understand you? Who will accept you without judgment? Allow me to support and empower you through your journey toward change. I look forward to collaborating with you through the process of becoming who you want to be.

What you can expect from therapy

  • Learn to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

  • What defines a health relationship with others.

  • How attachment can affect your work, home, and sex life.

  • Create and hold boundaries that work for you.

  • Understand how you and your partner can communicate together effectively.

  • Rules of Engagement, learn how to set the rules of the fight and maintain respectful boundaries.

Ready for the help you deserve?

Work with me through online therapy and we’ll get to work quickly, where you feel the most comfortable. Sometimes that’s your couch, snuggled up with your favorite pet in bed, or in between meetings at work. What works for you is what matters most!

Click the Schedule Today button to get scheduled for your free 15 minute consultation! We’ll get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit. You can also call our office at (941) 444-0570.