We know your plate is full. It is so difficult to care for yourself when it feels like there are so many more important things on the list. The thing is if you can tackle the hard stuff inside of you, the list gets easier to handle.

Let us be the ambassadors for compassion in your life.

The Center for Mental and Sexual Health…

provides online outpatient counseling for individuals and couples who are adults and those in relationships or marriages in Southwest Florida. We serve clients all over Florida, but focus our services in our own back yard. Using our online platform, you’ll receive the help you need, in a space that is comfortable for you. No driving, no parking, no wait. We strive to make it easier to discover the path you want to be on.

Our goal is to help find meaning and calm in your life by creating intimate connections with others, including partners, friends, and family.

If you've experienced feelings of disconnection and misunderstanding, then you understand why we place such an emphasis on human connections.

If you’re feeling isolated, alone, and wary of others because of being hurt in the past, then you understand our focus is creating healing relationships and finding meaning from hard times.

If you've felt bullied and challenged by others and don't know how to speak up for yourself, then you understand why we specialize in your relationship with yourself (through confidence and boundaries, healing from anxiety, and growing self-esteem). 

In a nutshell, you're here because you don't feel good. Something is off. 


We get it.

We want you to feel better, too.

Here's how you know if you're in the right place with The Center for Mental and Sexual Health.

  • you're ready to make a change, but you haven't been able to figure out how or why

  • you want good relationships with others, but keep somehow missing the boat

  • you desperately want to "get it," but just can't seem to figure "it" out

  • you crave connection, but can't find it in sustainable ways

  • you want to feel confident that your next relationship (or current one) is solid

  • you want more social support, friends, and a richer life with people

  • you want a sexual life that is fulfilling

  • you want to learn how to have a healthy relationship

  • you want explore life after trauma and how to take your story back