Couples Counseling


It all started when…

We all have similar stories on how the story begins, but the middle is the confusing part. Relationships are tough, learning to live with someone else, discovering & sharing closely kept secrets, finding out each other’s hidden desires. At The Center, we work with it all. Difficult sexual histories, mid-life identity struggles, constant arguments, and fighting. We can help.

You set out to conquer the world together and now it seems like all you do is fight, belittle, and ignore the problems brewing between you. You’re not alone in this.

The Center’s therapists are ready to help you get back on track to a united front. Many couples who choose therapy and choose each other have a much greater chance to succeed later on. Sometimes it’s to tackle what seems impossible, and sometimes it’s just a checkup. Just the commitment to each other is the most helpful thing you can do.

Did you know that most fights are about nothing? Socks on the floor, a coffee cup left in the sink, or the seat left up for the millionth time. We can help you figure out what the deeper issue is and help you to resolve it.

If you’re ready, click the button below to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. We’ll take a few minutes to determine if we’re a good fit. You can also call The Center and see which of our therapists work with couples and see who may be the best fit for you. Call us at (941) 444-0570 or email at