Video Therapy

The most comfortable therapy.

 Online Video Therapy

Get the help you need, in the most comfortable place you want. Online video therapy allows you to process where you feel the safest. Sometimes that’s in bed with your favorite pet. Other times it’s in the office when it’s most convenient. We meet you, where ever you are. The Center is purely an online experience. No driving, no parking, no waiting. Just jump in and get to work!

Secure. Period.

We use a completely encrypted, easy to use platform. Join your session from a computer, phone, or tablet. Schedule online whenever is best for you. It’s just easy. And we know you’ll like that.

Online is just as effective as in person…

The research shows that we crave face time. Our brains don’t understand the difference between a face on screen or a face in front of us. This allows some of the hardest work to be done where you'll feel at your best to do it. All of our therapy takes place online at the time of your choosing.